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Our new location is at 8913 E. Bell Rd. Suite 101B, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.
After nearly 13 years in private practice I have decided to join Dr. Bryan Gawley at Gawley Plastic Surgery. We have been longtime friends and colleagues since our plastic surgery training in Texas. Our philosophies and goals to deliver an exceptional patient experience along with excellent surgical outcomes are well aligned. Please join me at my new location, which now has a fully accredited outpatient surgery center on-site and continued access to state-of-the-art technology with compassionate care.
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Dear Dr. Geoghegan, I want to say from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. You and your staff have been so wonderful to me. I have never had a doctor that actually made me feel so comfortable and secure. You have a great future ahead of you in Plastic Surgery. I am so very happy with your work. I had dreamed of having this procedure for many years. You helped make my dream a reality. For that I will always be grateful. Thank you so much for being my surgeon. I look forward to spreading the word of what a competent, sincere, and meticulous surgeon you are. I will certainly be a repeat patient in the future. Once again, thank you. -AH

Dr. Geoghegan, I just wanted to let everyone know that I went in for my consultation with Dr. Geoghegan last Wednesday and as nervous and uncomfortable as the situation was she was amazing. Dr. Geoghegan answered all of my questions and made me feel as comfortable as she could, I am so glad I found her. – KF

Dr. Geoghegan, I LOVE Oasis Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale! I went to Doctor Geoghegan to have my nose looked at to have rhinoplasty surgery performed. I broke my nose when I was younger and have had breathing problems ever since, not to mention that my bone structure healed incorrectly. I have wanted to get the surgery performed for years, and did a lot of research online to find a qualified, female plastic surgeon to perform the surgery. From the moment I met the doctor, she was very friendly, sincere, and took the time to explain to me how the procedure worked and what I would expect. I appreciated that she answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease about the whole procedure. Everyone who worked there was extremely inviting and friendly! The office has a very calming feel and you feel welcome from the moment you step inside. I would definitely recommend Dr. Geoghegan to anyone looking to have reconstructive surgery done like mine! -JD

Dr. Geoghegan, I know how busy you are and that is why I want you to know much I appreciate everything that you manage to find the time to do. Your friendship means so much to me. Thank you again for seeing me on such short notice. -LR

Dr. Geoghegan, I want you to know how much I appreciate your help with my problems. I am so grateful for your healing work and God’s healing as well with this skin and bone graft. Very important, you are a great surgeon. – DM

Dr. Geoghegan, thank you soooo much for all you’ve done for me. Thank you for taking such good care of me and helping me to look better. You are very special and I appreciate you. -KH

Dr. Geoghegan, thank you for repairing my fiancé ears from ear gages. You are an awesome surgeon and a very caring person. Thanks again! – AG

Dear Dr. Geoghegan, Your work is excellent; not only the breast reduction last fall but the Juvederm a week ago. I was a bit anxious about the Juvederm as I didn’t want to look like Goldie Hawn in the First Wives Club. You used the product with artistic restraint… I love the results! Thank you. – AK

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