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Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting

Fat transfers in Scottsdale Arizona

As facial aging occurs, folds and wrinkles appear as our faces both lose fat and gravity pulls our remaining fat pads downward. Throughout the aging process, collagen and elastin also start to stretch out and wear out helping create frown lines and wrinkles. While aging is a natural process we have many options to help fill and plump where volume has been lost.

There are currently many options available for facial fillers including collagen, hyaluronic acids, calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, fat and others. Depending on your individual needs and desires and appropriate filler can be chosen. Fat transfers also called autologous fat transplantation uses a patient’s own fat to plump, fill or recontour the face. Some patients may have allergies to other filler products, others just prefer to use their own fat because it is a safe, natural alternative.

With fat transfers it is possible to have fat removed or liposuctioned from one part of your body and then injected into other areas to recontour the face or augment the chin or cheeks. Fat grafting can also be used for aging hands and post-surgical or post-traumatic contour irregularities. Because the fat is yours there is no risk of allergic reaction. Just like other fillers fat does not last indefinitely and will have to been maintained to keep the results. It can although last for years depending on where it is placed.

If you are interested in fat grafting or other facial fillers, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Jennifer Geoghegan to learn more. This consultation is designed to educate you in a non-pressured environment about your options. This discussion will include:

  • Listening to your goals and receiving an evaluation of your individual case
  • Reviewing the surgical options available
  • Discussing likely outcomes of your procedures and the associated possible risks or complications

Receive a customized treatment plan for fat grafting in Scottsdale AZ recommended by Dr. Geoghegan.

What to Expect?

If you are considering Fat Transfers, here is what you should expect:

Average Length:

1-2 hours depending on how many areas


General or local with sedation

Inpatient / Outpatient



Bleeding, infection, asymmetry, hematoma, change in skin sensation, firmness, unfavorable scarring, skin discoloration or contour irregularities


Temporary swelling and bruising; make-up can be worn

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